Tame your Time Machine

by Volker Weber

Don't want Time Machine to fill up your whole Drobo? This application for OS X based upon an Automator action provides a simple way when you're setting up Time Machine to force it to only use up 2x the size of your internal hard drive for backup on your external hard drive.

This script should also work on other storage devices.

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[Thanks, Dirk]


Interesting thanks, and it works indeed on other volumes (I use a Time Capsule).
Only problem you need to start from fresh as it doesn't like the existing backup's.

Here is the relevant log message:Please rename it or erase it and then start again.
By design, Time Tamer willnot manipulate any existing Time Machine backups.

Pieterjan Lansbergen, 2008-12-04

Volker, do you own a Drobo? Any thougths to share about it?

Frank Mueller, 2008-12-04

No, I don't. I have a ReadyNAS.

Volker Weber, 2008-12-04

Da war ich mal schneller, ausnahmsweise ;-)

Thomas Cloer, 2008-12-04

Hast Du bei Deinem Drobo auch Probleme mit der 'Geräuschentwicklung' im Standby Modus? Bei meinem läuft alle 30min für 12min der Lüfter an...
Ansonsten aber ein wirklich cooles Teil :-) ...und funkt mit meinem MBP, TimeMachine & APE einwandfrei...

Anton Seissl, 2008-12-05

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