Are you liking the Storm?

by Volker Weber

When I dumped the Storm last week, I was running my third firmware version 0.76. This was an internal build and Vodafone released 0.78 a few days later. Since I want to like the Storm, I updated to this version and switched back from the Bold. Since I don't see any real progress, I am asking you how you are liking your device. Does it meet your expectations? What do you like, what do you hate?


well volker, i cannot agree with all those test reports online in the web. I like the storm very much since the firmware .78
It is fast, the sensor works perfekt and the screen is very nice. Also typing on the keyboard is very cool. Much better than on the iphone. By the way the storm has much more opportunities instead of the iphone. Sometimes I have the suspicion that those tests are created by iphone or apple lovers. ;)

Matthias Götz, 2008-12-08

Matthias, that's why I am asking. It feels very weird to go from an iPhone to the Storm (and back). Sometimes I am afraid I could break the iPhone screen when typing. :-)

The accelerometer works too well for me. As with the iPod nano 4G, I would like an opportunity to switch if off, for instance on the home screen or when reading mail. I have three things that do not work well for me: selecting links on web pages, selecting input fields and typing text.

Volker Weber, 2008-12-08

Hi Volker,

I moved to the new firmware directly as well and put my second Vodafone SIM in the Storm. So I can have my private mail on the Storm and the corporate on the Bold. The screen sensor works a lot better now and is 200% faster than before. Anyhow I can still not put it down without rotating the screen.

The stability is a lot better and the roaming between 3G and 2G is working now as well. Also the battery life has improved as far as I can say after 3 days ( did not need to charge since Friday afternoon ).

I would take the Storm as my "private" device only. I really need a full keyboard that I can use in portrait mode with one hand. Turning to horizontal mode always for typing is unacceptable for me (!). Other might like it - me not. Also the dialing functionality does not work for me.

I will give it to one of my guys who is mostly reading mail and wait for his opinion.

- Oliver

Oliver Barner, 2008-12-08

One addition :

The clickable screen is not working in some areas ( lower right and left corner, top right corner -> in portrait mode ). I have to press really to make it click e.g. Create new mail.

Vodafone will send a replacement Wednesday.

- Oliver

Oliver Barner, 2008-12-08

Watching this (and similar) discussions has been helpful. I want a storm -- but I want a lovable, hardworking, excellent storm. These discussions leave many doubts about the availability of such a device. It seems only a somewhat passable storm is available.

I shall wait a bit longer.

Andrew Pollack, 2008-12-08

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