Create mockups for your applications in minutes not hours

by Volker Weber


Named after Balsamico, a very tasty vinegar, Balsamiq Mockups lets you craft user interface mockups in minutes. Written my Giacomo Guilizzoni, a Micro-ISV (read: one man and his computer) from San Francisco, who is proud not to own a car and work from home, Balsamiq Mockups "intentionally uses hand-drawn UI elements, so that people don't get attached to that pretty color gradient or think that your mockup has actual code behind it and is practically done".

Steffen told me about this amazing application yesterday. It runs on top of Adobe AIR, so you can use it right away on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, as well as within Confluence, JIRA and XWiki. There is a video on Youtube showing it in action. And you can try it out right here.

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Just tried it and those 80$ may be worth it. Miss one or two features, but it is already quite useful. Making them mocks in Visio is seriously annoying and already puts too much detail in place.

Frank Quednau, 2008-12-10

Love this.

Eric Hancock, 2008-12-10

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Next Version.
More daily twitter on balsamiq twitter.

Steffen Quievreux, 2008-12-10

I guess you don't read my blog :-(

Bruce Elgort, 2008-12-11

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