Fix your inaccurate iPhone/iPod location

by Volker Weber

The iPod touch uses the Skyhook service to pinpoint your location. If your iPhone has turned Wi-Fi on, it will try to do the same. If your access point is not in the Skyhook database, that won't work. But you fix that, by registering the AP with its geo data:

XPS leverages Wi-Fi access point information to accurately determine location information in dense urban areas or indoor environments.

If you are getting incorrect location results (either indoors or in an urban setting) within the Wi-Fi coverage area, the form below may help to resolve the issue. The form enables you to update your Wi-Fi Access Point information in the XPS system.

I don't know how the XPS system works exactly. But you don't have to actually be attached to an access point. If you just monitor the traffic and record MAC addresses in SSID beacons, and then look those up in the XPS database, you can triangulate your location. You can also fill that database by "war driving" the MAC addresses.

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