Novell calls off BrainShare

by Volker Weber

This note is to inform you that Novell will not be holding its annual BrainShare conference in Salt Lake City, Utah that was scheduled for March 2009.

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Probably a good move. You have to assume folks committed to Novell software, especially the Groupwise folks, are somewhat price sensitive. (I'm still using NetWare but you can be sure that was not on the agenda for Brainshare).

David Schaffer, 2008-12-17

You should consider to go to OES2 SP1. A paravirtualized Netware Kernel on a XEN Host run better and faster than a normal Netware 6.5. But we replaced all our Netware Server with a OES2 Linux and it works as good and stable than the Netware server. The difference is that you can use all goodies which comes with the SLES 10 SP2 like state of the art apache and tomcat.

Ralf M Petter, 2008-12-18

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