Taken by Storm

by Volker Weber

Testing a new (and yet unreleased) firmware for the BlackBerry Storm and the overall speed is improving. Eventually it may become usable. :-)


After placing my order on 21st Nov, I finally received the Storm this week on 16th Dec. Shirley has hijacked my old Curve, so there's no turning back for me.

The 'paper hack' - shimming under the battery cover with 2 trimmed business cards and a trimmed piece of paper - that you'd linked a week or more ago made a HUGE difference to me in the feel of the keyboard.

And some practice is helping. I'll blog more detail after more practice and research.

For now:
Storm screen is wonderful
Storm keyboard is workable (not at all as nice as Curve, but not as bad as some reviews seem to make it sound)
Camera - as you told me - is terrible response. But I think the pic quality is fine for me.

I will be able to live with this and am liking it more each day.

- Joe

Joe Litton, 2008-12-18

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