Winners of the 2009 Lotus Awards

by Volker Weber

Best Industry Solution

  1. Winner: e-On Integration S.A.
  2. Finalist: iEnterprises
  3. Finalist: Ascendant Technology

Best Lotus Energy and Environment (Green) Award

  1. Winner: KLG Systel, Ltd.
  2. Finalist: Alphalogix
  3. Finalist: Enterprise Information Management, Inc.

Best Mid-Market Solution Award

  1. Winner: iEnterprises
  2. Finalist: Pavone AG
  3. Finalist: Nortel

Best Philanthropy Award

  1. Winner: PSC Group, LLC
  2. Finalist: ITM Associates, Inc.
  3. Finalist: TeamCentric Technologies

Best Portal and IBM Mashup Center Solution Award

  1. Winner: Ascendant Technology
  2. Finalist: Alacrinet
  3. Finalist: Edifixio

Best Tool and Utility Solution Award

  1. Winner: Permessa Corporation
  2. Finalist: iEnterprises
  3. Finalist: Sherpa Software

Best TOTAL Lotus Software Solution Award

  1. Winner: Trilog Group
  2. Finalist: Ascendant Technology
  3. Finalist: Brookstone Technologies Pty Limited

Best Unified Communications and Collaboration Solution Award

  1. Winner: Avistar Communications Corp.
  2. Finalist: Permessa Corporation
  3. Finalist: Polymorph

Distinguished Achievement Awards Finalists, winners will be announced on Business Development Day at Lotusphere 2009

North America

Latin America

"Northeast" Europe

"Southwest" Europe

Asia Pacific


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I feel compelled to ask what the definition of "Northeast Europe" is, please.

Sascha Siekmann, 2008-12-19

Well, if the roman empire had its center in roma than "Northeast Europe" maybe begins with austria and its capitol vienna up to finnland.

Wolfgang Andreas Bischof, 2008-12-20

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