Virtual = not really

by Volker Weber

Nice spin:

We used the same tried-and-true Redbooks residency method and assembled a team of subject matter experts made up of IBMers, business partners, and customers. However, we used a virtual approach instead of asking everyone to travel to one location.

Imagine a virtual Lotusphere. And here is some virtual money for you: $1000. Spend it wisely.


in effect, but not in fact

Ian Scott, 2008-12-19

It has been a great pleasure to work onsite with a team of residents in Cambridge on a Residency two times in the past. That experience was really great - the main thing is not the travel or the places to visit - it is the true experience and knowledge shared on a personal level and the close cooperation of the Residency team with the Lotus developers and senior technical staff members which makes the travel worth doing it. Amazing.

Wolfgang Fey, 2008-12-19

The spin is that IBM does not have to ask for travel. What matters more is that IBM does not have to pay for travel.

Volker Weber, 2008-12-19

Well, IBM paid in the past for all travel regarding Lotus Residencies. It's a matter of re-creating such budgets for the Lotus brand.

Wolfgang Fey, 2008-12-20

They have a new GM, who does not have to admit to a bad decision. Why not? All the other brands still do real residencies and real Redbooks.

Volker Weber, 2008-12-20

Volker, I don't really see that you are making any point other than knocking IBM for the sake of knocking them.

IBM is a gigantic company and while it must be true that if they watch every penny the pounds will take care of themselves - which I am sure their shareholders will applaud and especially in current economic climes - the monies involved in funding travel are quite trivial in the scheme of things.

What's your beef?

Ian Scott, 2008-12-20

Following the official sources IBM Lotus has been a growth story for a long time. Cost cutting an organic growing business combined with annual passport fee increases is nothing that any customer should be happy about. I agree for shareholders this is a great story. I just got my yearly invoice for Domino.doc which is another "We charge for nothing" story so maybe this is the reason I am a bit sensitive in this area.

Henning Heinz, 2008-12-20

Hah, trivial they may be. But in a Dilberesque way, essential. The Lotus Redbook Center in Cambridge was dismantled, the people who worked there had to move on. There are no more residencies.

Volker Weber, 2008-12-20

So are you saying that Redbooks that are created using the virtual approach have less value than ones created using the traditional residency?

Ian Scott, 2008-12-20

The wikis are good. The actual books are better. The last GM got it wrong. Hopefully the new GM will change this decision.

Adam Osborne, 2008-12-22

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