BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac

by Volker Weber

RIM makes a preview version available for the Mac. Read the fineprint though:

After installing the Preview Version of BlackBerry Media Sync, other software previously used to synchronize data with your Mac, such as PocketMac for BlackBerry devices or Missing Sync, will no longer be able to connect to your device and will not work until BlackBerry Media Sync is uninstalled.

While this looks like bad news, it probably isn't. RIM must be cooking up something else to connect Mac and BlackBerry in the future, beyond Media Sync.

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Hmm. I just wonder what technology both RIM and Mark/Space are using when it comes to syncing with OS X. There’s clearly more to it than just vanilla iSync extensions, judging by the recent hassle both outfits had with the new Unibody MacBooks (and by the fact that neither company’s app can reside alongside that of the other outfit).

And still no proper app install beyond OTA. Unsatisfactory!

Ben Poole, 2008-12-20

BBs don't seem to do SyncML and need client software on the desktop. if your device is password-protected, you need something to handle that on the desktop.

And all BB-Mac software stinks.

Volker Weber, 2008-12-20

Hallo BB-Nutzer, ich verschenke eine Lizenz (in Form eines Schlüssels) "Missing Sync for BlackBerry". Hat bis vor ein paar Tagen anstandslos zwischen MacBook und BB 8800 vermittelt. Wie Ben sagte, leider ohne die Möglichkeit lokal zu deployen.

Das logisch verknüpfte MacBook wurde bereits deauthorisiert, wer mir erklärt, wie man die Lizenz unter rechtlichen Gesichtspunkten auf eine andere Person transferiert, kann es haben.

An die Industrie: Ich werde nie verstehen, wie man in den Zeiten von XML oder ähnlich strukturierten Datenformaten (VCARD3) permanent auf Mappings und mehr oder minder hart-kodierte Record/Feldbezeichnungen setzt...

Martin Kautz, 2008-12-20

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