is just great

by Volker Weber

Hajo mentions a video. Open Sonos controller. Music services,, start new station, Michael McDonald. Instant Yacht Rock. Bliss.


Why the video is quite funny: Michael McDonald forgot the lyrics of the song, he is performing live on stage with a duet partner.

From the beginning you can see that he tries to remember. At 1:50 his partner already noticed, the band grooves on-and-on, the sax fills in a solo to-the-rescue - but finally he has to sing. And as a real pro he even found words that fits the song nicely ;-)

Hajo Schmitt, 2008-12-23

Don't forget to add friends on Last.FM and then listen to their stations. You get a huge appreciation for new music. I have discovered many new artists that way. IdoNotes on Last.Fm

Chris Miller, 2008-12-31

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