iPod Touch Becoming a Bigger Story Than iPhone

by Volker Weber

The iPod Touch is quickly becoming a bigger story than it’s older sibling, the iPhone. A report just released by AdMob provides details on how use of iPod Touch (as measured by requests coming from mobile devices in to their ad network) "exploded on December 25th."

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I totally agree. I have no desire to have an iPhone but I the iPod Touch is on my short list and not for the music features. I want it for the web browsing, feed reader, and apps (like the Sonos controller).

Glen Salmon, 2009-01-11

I too desire one..to replace booting up a laptop when I just want to check web/email/twitter etc when I'm relaxing at home. I see there is a Squeezebox controller too which just adds more weight to the argument (my favorite lounge is too far away to read the Squeeze screen).

Colin Williams, 2009-01-11

My son just got one, and I have to admit, I am jealous, even as a non-technophile.

Ben Langhinrichs, 2009-01-11

I'm reading this and posting now from my iPod touch. I've never had and iPhone, but love my touch for email, blog, twitter, calculator, google, backgammon, weather, stocks, and as an alarm clock! Oh yeah, it also plays music.

alan lepofsky, 2009-01-12

Now think of what the Touch could be if Apple hadn't left out the GPS - i.e. if it was a real iPhone without the phone.

Arnd Layer, 2009-01-12

An iPod touch is an iPhone, minus the phone, the GPS , the camera and the microphone, in a much thinner package. The first generation is also missing a speaker.

Volker Weber, 2009-01-12

Another bonus with the Touch is the extra capacity option-- up to 32 gigs, whereas the iPhone only goes to 16. Also, the new iPod Touch has the nike+ipod support built in like the Nano. It also does support a microphone now via the headphone jack. See 'compatibility' section here. The microphone seems like a key feature for some apps.

Seth Crothers, 2009-01-12

I took my Touch on my holidays in Singapore, NZ and Australia. If you wanted to use wifi - you had to pay for it and log into a website before any applications could use the wifi. Sometimes the wifi signal was quite weak. Best packages to buy are the data - not the time/sessions.

Oh, want to play flash-based movies on websites? - forget it.
If it is on YouTube, then it's playable.

Google maps/earth ... you can't input in way-points. Once wifi is off, the maps are gone - useless in offline mode.

It's great for movies, podcasts, music and taking notes. I'm not much of a game player so, didn't really play any games.

If you're going travelling alot, you'd be better off getting a mobile-internet device instead. No more fluffying around trying to get the d*mn wifi to work properly.

Richard Civil, 2009-01-28

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