Roots of the Middle East conflict

by Volker Weber

German audio with english sub-titles

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Nice summary. I'm missing a few facts. Like the land having important religious sites for both Jews and Arabs. Or why people stay in refugee camps so long. Typically refugees would try to start a new life, so there must be a special case here.
:-) stw

Stephan H. Wissel, 2009-01-15

At 02:08, WW2 is mentioned. What is not mentioned, is the fact that because of the Shoah during this war, and out of shame for that, Western governments allow Israel to do a lot of things during a lot of decennia after the war.

Eva Quirinius, 2009-01-15

I'm not sure whether the refugees do have any options.
Start a new life? Where?
I guess none of the surrounding countries are/have been overly interested in mass immigration of the Palistinians.

Martin Forisch, 2009-01-20

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