Can you do the math?

by Volker Weber

IBM claims that Domino 8.5 lowers operational cost by 40% and more. How does the math work? Does anybody know the math behind this number?


Disk space - Yes!... Server TOC (total operational cost) would be the number I would like to see and then a comparison to previous versions and to MS$...

John M Turnbow, 2009-01-15

The paint brush is too broad to be painting 40% strokes.

Colin Wiliams, 2009-01-15

DAOS, design compression, document data compression, ... depending on the infrastructure, it can save several GBs. Better performance means more users per server, which means smaller servers, which means cheaper hardware. But 40%? Doubtful.

Ralf Stellmacher, 2009-01-15

With shaving foam or deodorant flasks you need some "30% more" sticker to increase sales. In software, "30% (better|faster|stronger)" is simply not enough, so marketing bumped up the number a bit. Looks significant, huh?


Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2009-01-15

40% compared to what? Design and document compression are not new in 8.5.

I see some disk savings because of DAOS and - regarding to the releaved faces of some of my customers - much less work with ID and password recovery with ID vault.

Perhaps the yet unreleased AD integration has been included, too.

Oliver Regelmann, 2009-01-15

I would really like to understand this. Lotus has claimed TCO reductions for years. And suddently they can shave off another 40%? And the talking point is now operational cost, not TCO.

Volker Weber, 2009-01-15

You can save money with your backups:
We are using Domino for Document management, lots of GByte as attachments in nsf-files. And you can only backup the complete nsf. With DAOS you only backup your attachment once or with every full dump. Thats more than 40%.

Uwe Fritz, 2009-01-24

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