New toy: TomTom 940 Live

by Volker Weber


Early this morning, the UPS delivery truck pulled up in front of the house with a small box containing the latest and greatest TomTom navigator. Just in time for Lotusphere.

I know my way around the Orlando area from numerous previous Lotuspheres, but still, it's nice to have a co-pilot. As with previous 9x0 devices from TomTom it comes with maps of North America as well as Western Europe.

I did not have much time to play with the new device. Its very similar in size and shape to the 930, just a tad slimmer and wider. Screen resolution is unchanged, the device software has a new and cleaner look. The biggest physical difference is the screen mount. The power cable no longer connects to the device but to the screen mount instead. This means it is a lot quicker to release and take out of the car then the previous models. Having said that, I would not leave the screen mount on the windshield. This would just invite burglars who (rightfully) assume that the device is inside the car.

Since HD traffic is reported via the TomTom service, you need to pay 10€ a month for the service, after the first three months. This contains the built-in SIM card and the mobile charges. The device will not roam, so HD traffic only works in your home country. I will let you know in about a month how well this works.

Next week I will also let Alex test it in Florida. He is staying a few extra days.


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