Bloggers hanging out at Lotusphere

by Volker Weber

IBM provided yellow bean bags in the General Opening Session for the "credentialed bloggers". Everybody else got a regular seat.


One of those beanbags had my name on it dammit.

Still - probably for the best what with my sciatica.

Chris Linfoot, 2009-01-19

Serious looks on those faces...were they watching the Coke ad? ;)

Colin Williams, 2009-01-19

Is it just me or does it look down-right silly?

Craig Wiseman, 2009-01-20

Silly? Maybe. Practical? Unlikely. Fun? Yes!

Colin Williams, 2009-01-20

One nice benefit was the power outlets they laid out on the floor for us though

Chris Miller, 2009-01-20

Be careful they have hot air in!

Paul Bunnell, 2009-01-20

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