Lotus bloggers after closing session

by Volker Weber


Sorry I couldn't be there - had to leave early to catch my flight. Next year ....

Julian Woodward, 2009-01-23

As you took the picture I remembered Rule #6 - so I stayed off the stage ;-)

Alexander Kluge, 2009-01-23

Erster Eindruck: Lotus Blogger sind dick oder haben keine Haare. Oder beides.
(Das lässt sich aber bei genauerer Betrachtung nicht aufrechterhalten.)

Kristof Doffing, 2009-01-23

Gruppenbild mit Dame(n)? Das Gleiche ist auch mir sofort aufgefallen. Ebenfalls deutlich ist der "Männerüberhang" (und damit meine ich nicht das mehr oder weniger ausgeprägte Übergewicht der portraitierten Herrschaften) ;-)

Frank Sturm, 2009-01-23

How to spot a Lotus programmer ? He's old .

Nils Halvorsen, 2009-01-23

No Nils, you’re thinking of administrators :o)

Ben Poole, 2009-01-23

I did not realize Picciano had joined us on stage. Very cool.

Ed Brill, 2009-01-23

Nils, there is actually some truth to that, if you count 30 and more as old.

Volker Weber, 2009-01-23

Well, most of them are between 40 and 50 i think.

I think this is a challenge for the Lotus community. Is there a good enough recruitment into Lotus development?

In my country none of the big consultant companies do any Lotus development at all. They usually have a .net and a Java department, and maybe some dude in the UC/Collaboration department that has read some brochures about Sametime , but never used it.

I now work in one of those companies, after 10 years in a Notes shop. People here have no grip on what Notes/Domino is and what it can do. In my .Net department we have a lot of young developers, coming from the "good" schools, they have never heard about Lotus.

Maybe it's always been this way, but Domino development is turning more and more into a niche market, like Cobol .

Nils Halvorsen, 2009-01-24

I don't agree. We had two college kids -- ~21 years old each -- audition for Lotusphere Idol! We see projects for Notes and Lotus technologies at Universities in Zurich, Stockholm, Melbourne, Rochester, etc. I think there is a maturing set of people who love the technology, but BinaryTree also ran out of buttons for people indicating they attended their first Lotusphere. I also think the introduction of Xpages will attract younger developers... use of Dojo, JSF, Eclipse etc. all very much align with that. The reinvigorized OpenNTF should help, too.

Ed Brill, 2009-01-24

Well, look at the top 30 blogs on PLanetlotus ,how many are under 40 ?

2 or 3 maybe ?

Nils Halvorsen, 2009-01-25

Nils I’m not sure where this is going: the demographic is what it is. Plenty of people have observed that Domino dev isn’t an especially young man’s game any more, but there it is.

Full disclosure: whilst I wasn’t on stage, I’ve been doing the Domino (and weblog) thing for a while, and I’m under 40 :o)

Ben Poole, 2009-01-25

I'm under 40.

alan lepofsky, 2009-01-26

Are you a developer? :-)

Volker Weber, 2009-01-26

I am under 40 and resemble a developer at times

john head, 2009-01-27

But you don't consider yourself young, or do you? Maybe this discussion should continue here.

Volker Weber, 2009-01-27

Well Volker, I don't consider myself old .. just overweight :-)

Seriously, I have always been the "young" guy in the Lotus Community. Rich Schwartz will go on about how he used to call me 'kid' (I was just 21/22 at the time I met all of them) and how many of the folks watched me grow up. At 34, I am not the young guy any more, but its all relative.

I am not worried about getting 'young' kids in that picture, I am worried about getting 'new' people in it next year. Age doesn't matter as much as new blood ... period.

I think the key is figuring out how to make XPages attractive to the web 2.0 developer who hasn't ever touched domino before. How to get the scores of eclipse developers to look at the Notes client. That is the key discussion point.

john head, 2009-01-27

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