For only two dollars turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a cheap alam clock

by Volker Weber


Night Stand is pretty. Either an LED clock in blue, green or red, or a flip clock, it shows the time bedside on your display. Best used with a charging dock. Double tap lowers brightness, single tap raises it. It also has an alarm clock with snooze that won't let you go back to sleep.


iTunes Store link >


I got that for free. Do you have to pay for it now?

Simon Barratt, 2009-01-26

Apparently you have to.

Volker Weber, 2009-01-26

Zum Glück habe ich einen BB Bold...

Dirk Müller, 2009-01-26

@Simon: The update is free of charge if you got Night Stand for free

Martin Michaelis, 2009-01-26

.... and MS is cutting, IBM is cutting, Apple is cutting - nothing left to do and sell?

Torben Vendelev, 2009-01-26

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