Broadcasting your keynote the Apple way and the IBM way

by Volker Weber

Apple Keynote Webcast

Apple Keynote Webcast

Webcast: Lotusphere 2009 Opening General Session

Webcast: Lotusphere 2009 Opening General Session

Webcast: Lotusphere 2009 Opening General Session

Webcast: Lotusphere 2009 Opening General Session


Im sure there are some reasons for wanting people to authenticate in some manner, but I really wish they didnt. The OGS of sphere was excellent and slick - people get thrown off by having to register.

Recently I wrote an article for GSX, and found that for people to "get" it, they had to register on the site. I mailed them, advising that this was self-defeating. They completely agreed and took away the registration. They could still get hit count stats from site statistics, and that is all they wanted. People that wanted further information could register..

Paul Mooney, 2009-01-28

I am also shocked that the OGS was not streamed. When you are trying to reach more people and press, letting them sit somewhere and watch all the announcements and reactions would add to the punch.

As for all the screens, it is to be expected.

Chris Miller, 2009-01-28

I simply have no idea how you can suck so badly. Just copy from those who have done it for years. This is not rocket science. Akamai is happy to do it for you.

Volker Weber, 2009-01-28

I'd go further than Apple - follow TED.

Record as many sessions as you can and make them available at no charge over the next 3-6 months, both for streaming from the site and for download in SD/HD from iTunes as a podcast.

The best advertising Lotusphere could ever have.

Stuart McIntyre, 2009-01-29

Why should the download of a keynote suck less than any other download from IBM?

Jan-Piet Mens, 2009-01-29

Because it is not a download, Jan-Piet?

Stuart, one babystep at a time. Once IBM has figured out how to serve a video with a single click from a massive infrastructure, they can go for more. More videos, more ways of distribution. I am afraid, their only means today is YouTube because they are not being charged for that.

Volker Weber, 2009-01-29

Isnt the new VP of Marketing from Akamai ?

I've seen many things. I've seen a house fly. I've seen a horse fly. But I've never seen a cool IBM download site.

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2009-01-29

I think Stuart has a good point about making the sessions available.

I understand the commercial need to get people to come to LS but not everyone can.

It would be in the platforms best interest to get those presentations out to the widest audience, particularly the xpages stuff, even if there was a deliberate delay to incentivise attendance at LS

If LS ( solely ) a profit making venture or an enablement process ?

If IBM want ownership of the collaboration space they should show the way. If they need 3rd party services to do it then that is fine - its all good learning that will make the lotus products better


Sean cull, 2009-01-29

I like the TED idea.

There are some differences between TED and Lotusphere that are worth noting. Registration for TED is $6000, the number of attendees are limited and the sessions seem to be shorter. I get the feeling it's a smaller event which might make it easier to manage.

IBM and TED have different missions. TED's is to spread ideas to a wider community. There is a spirit of philanthropy that seems to be associated with TED that is not core to Lotusphere's reason for being.

Other organisations like Apple and Yahoo make a number of best practice videos available (including presentations on JavaScript, and XCode). This is a good thing and helps promote the product.

Here are a couple of idea's:

For Lotusphere: Limit the numbers of attendees, and therefore sessions. Have a second kind of attendance that is virtual (you can watch streamed sessions), cheaper and not limited. After the conference make a subset of the sessions available on the web. In the current climate this makes the conference easier to attend in one format or another and gives the conference a longer lasting value.

Generally: IBM (or the Community) could create a series of high quality tutorials available for free for use by users, developers, administrators and managers - just like Apple and Yahoo.

Jason Hook, 2009-01-29

I'm not sure of anyone else's experience, but I couldn't get the LS09 OGS to display in Chrome or Firefox. Only IE worked for me.

Just because it's a "consistent IBM experience" doesn't mean it's OK.

Craig Wiseman, 2009-01-29


Eric Hancock, 2009-01-30

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