by Volker Weber

Ian writes:

It was rather sad to realise last evening that this blog had been removed from the aggregation feed from the ever excellent planetlotus.org

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The thing to remember here is that PlanetLotus while containing the Lotus name is not ran or hosted by IBM/Lotus, you can almost think of it as Yancy's bookmark list that he kindly gives the rest of us access to.

Obviously you know I like the different opinions and I think being able to see posts from people that ask difficult questions helps IBM and their fans be better prepared, I much prefer that to the belief that everything is perfect.

Carl Tyler, 2009-02-17

The elephant in the room may be the question, whether the "community" has to do marketing on IBM's behalf.

Volker Weber, 2009-02-17

@Mr. Weber.

That's even in question?

Craig Wiseman, 2009-02-17

Thanks Volker for alloing me to say my good-byes, it is a shame that Yancy was (for whatever reason) unable to see fit to let me to that.

Carl's point is very interesting as it points out the weakness of PL. As a consultant for XYZco then my opinion is valid the moment I move to BIGCorp then the same opinion is no longer valid. I suppose it behoves Yancy to clarify his 'about':

'Planet Lotus is an aggregation of Lotus related blogs and news. It acquaints those interested in the Lotus Blogosphere with the best blogs out there.

Planet Lotus is edited, built and maintained by Yancy Lent. '

maybe he should add 'you might be interested in Lotus but if you work for Microsoft your not getting listed' or something like that (much more subtle I would hope).


Ian White, 2009-02-17


It doesn't help, but just because you are no longer on PL, doesn't mean that I don't know when you have updated your site. :-) I enjoy your posts and will continue to read, whether you are listed on PL or not. But that certainly doesn't help your overall traffic or having a different voice represented on PL.

Gregg Eldred, 2009-02-17

Hey Gregg, its just a moment of joyous stirring - I still love all of the community - with a few minor exceptions - and that does include Yancy!.

I shally try to be even more thought provoking now - if I am up to it.


Ian White, 2009-02-17

I would not invite someone, who makes fun of what I do, into my house either.

Felix Binsack, 2009-02-18

I was about to post but I got here from planetlotus. :) Then I noticed the More tag link again. :D

I stopped reading computer weekly since the "Poor Service" blog post from Saran.

As for the other post, a report about Lotusphere with no mention of DAOS or Xpages? :)

Simon O'Doherty, 2009-02-18

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