11 weeks with the Samsung NC10

by Volker Weber


It's been almost three months since I got the Samsung NC10, and I have come to quite like it. This is my first machine that runs for six hours without a charge and, despite running Windows, turned out to be a solid performer. I think I clocked only one bluescreen and no major hang.

Screen size, keyboard, USB ports, it all works for me. Only the trackpad is way too small when you are used to trackpads on MacBooks. It helps if you switch off the scroll areas at the right side and the bottom of the trackpad, so you get more usable area. The button underneath the trackpad does not work well for me, but I just tap the trackpad itself.

The case has proven to be quite sturdy, so you can just drop it in your bag without worrying too much about it. If you want to avoid scratches, you can keep it in the sleeve that comes with the device, but other than that, it does not need a special laptop bag.

Most of the reviews I read about netbooks seem to echo my experience. Great battery life of six hours, good screen and keyboard, solid case. When I got the device I looked at all available brands at a certain notebook store in Darmstadt. But I already had received a strong endorsement for the NC10 from Sebastian Grötsch, who works there. It's good if you can rely on the experts. Thank you, Sebastian.

I hear Samsung is replacing the matte display with a glossy one as the picture above suggests. Get them while they last.


Agreed that matte laptop/netbook screens are better than glossy. Infinitely better in my opinion. My current laptop has a glossy screen, and as a result, it's practically useless if the wall behind me isn't dark. Which means it is difficult to use in almost any setting. Can somebody explain how a glossy screen is considered a feature?

Rod Stauffer, 2009-02-21

A glossy screen reflects light like a mirror. That means it is polarized and the human eye/brain can filter the reflection. A matte screen reflects light in all directions and you cannot filter this light. Therefore a glossy screen lets you see darker colors than a matte screen. Colors will be more vibrant, black is much darker than on a matte screen.

I still prefer matte screens, at least in devices I am going to use outdoors or in bright surroundings like on a train.

Volker Weber, 2009-02-21


Specs of this netbook are "Atom N270, 1GB, 10.2", 160GB, WXP Home", right?

Can you type blind & 10-finger on the keyboard?

Here in the Netherlands the lowest price for the Samsung NC10 is 379 Euro. Is it worth that money? The original promise of netbooks with their lower specs was a real low price, around 200 dollar and 'thus' 200 Euro. With this BoM (Bill of Materials) I think a lower price than the 379 Euro would be feasible.

Eva Quirinius, 2009-02-22

Yes, I have 2GB though. And yes, I can type with 10 fingers, or at least I can type in my normal not-really-10-fingers style. I have a few more typos than on a full keyboard, and the < key is on the wrong side of the German keyboard, but so far, I am holding up well.

Is it worth its price? For me, definitely so.

Volker Weber, 2009-02-22

On the basis of your and a few other reviews (as well as my own experiments obviously), I have made a few recommendations of the NC10 and everyone is very happy with me so far!

Things like the size of the keyboard were high up in the spec for quite a few people, as well as battery life - basic, solid utilitarian considerations rather than bundles of extras. People want to buy these things to put to work, rather than show off with them.

But I'm disappointed to hear about the change of screen style - be in no doubt, it is a cost cutting measure, not a decision made on the grounds of any convincing research into ergonomics, and just about every manufacturer is doing it.

Nick Daisley, 2009-02-22

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