Which free wiki hosting do you recommend?

by Volker Weber

I have been using pbwiki.com for a few years now, but recently they have become very pushy trying to upgrade me to 2.0 which is clearly a downgrade for me. So I consider moving somewhere else. Here is what I need:

Any suggestions?

Update: This turned out to be much easier than I thought it would. Google Sites, the artist formerly known as JotSpot, fits the bill just right.


Why don't you just drop a copy of DokuWiki into your 1und1 Web? You are then free to do what you want with it, use its good ACL, add .htaccess authentication if you need that in addition, etc. DokuWiki uses filesystem store (no database), easy to backup, etc.

Jan-Piet Mens, 2009-02-21

I'd actually recommend using MediaWiki. Anyone who's familiar with WikiPedia will be familiar with it, and there's tons of plugins. They have some relatively easy to follow guidelines for a private wiki, and partially private, etc. I actually use it for my private wiki.

Also, if you decide to remove my comment because my last name is Fake, would you do that for Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr?

Tom Fake, 2009-02-21

I also would be inclined to go with MediaWiki; just upload it to your existing web space provided you have MySql/Postgres access and start to experiment and modify.

Probably the most flexible option to go with, provided you can commit a bit of time to configuring it to your needs.

Nick Daisley, 2009-02-22

Why bother with third party hosting? Just run your own. Something simple and sweet such as Nanoki.

Petite Abeille, 2009-02-22

Then I would need to install Lua first?

Volker Weber, 2009-02-22

We are currently also looking for a wiki which should have plugins (especially for print and PDF) and is file based (allows for offline work). So far we have looked at MoinMoin, tiddlywiki, DokuWiki is next on the list for a trial. Haven't looked at Nanoki.
I like MoinMoin, though running it without a server ie on a usb-stick or a shared directory is ok but not great.
TiddlyWiki is a one-file wiki with a lot of plug-ins and a number of hosting services with sync capability. My current favorit.

BTW Wikimatrix is a great wiki resource including comparison of wikis.

Moritz Schroeder, 2009-02-22

A little late now, but FYI:
I'v been using wikidot.com as my free wiki hoster for quite some time now.

Asfar as I can tell it would fit all of your above requirements.
Plus: Use your own dns entry if you like.

Example: http://evdonaucity.wikidot.com/

Martin Forisch, 2009-02-27

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