Build around the missing whitelist feature in Google Mail

by Volker Weber


Want to make sure you are not missing mails from certain senders because they were marked as spam? Just set up a filter with this rule.


OK ok, I had found it in the meantime... ;)

Thanks anyway. I'd still prefer the "Not spam" button to offer to create a whitelist entry automatically.

That, and a filter that would allow me to filter by character set (kyrillic, chinese) - the stuff may not be spam, but if I can't read it...

Frank Koehntopp, 2009-02-23

Again, very simple. Just copy a few of the characters into a filter and they are gone.

Volker Weber, 2009-02-23

Thanks for the tip, Volker.

Unfortunately it does not work (consistently). Messages from the Xing mailrobot almost always end up in the spam folder even though I've set the rule to never send these emails to spam.

Looks like Google is being caught by the complexity "virus"?!

Stefan Heinz, 2009-03-02

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