Special guest at the Sutton Place Hotel

by Volker Weber

Photo: Joe Canadian


I know you didn't ask for this but seeing the news for Rob earlier how about:

"IBM Personnel specialist spotted at Hotel.."

John Lindsay, 2009-02-25

Our office is across the street from the Sutton Place Hotel, and this monkey was in direct line of sight from our boardroom. It was hard to have a serious meeting with this monkey dancing around all afternoon. I was glad someone else in our office was able to grab a few pics.

Ken Porter, 2009-02-25

Looks like a banker to me ;-)

Oswald Prucker, 2009-02-25

LOL... would you use the beds in the Sutton ever again ? Watch out for the banana peels under your pillow...

Was IBM having a conference there ? But seriously, it's good to see that IBM are employing better skilled and articulate executives in their Business Partner program...

Giulio Campobassi, 2009-02-26

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