Apple TV v2.3.1 update yanks Boxee

by Volker Weber

Apple have released a new update for the Apple TV, version 2.3.1, and users have discovered that it unceremoniously dumps the unofficial Boxee plugin from their set-top box.

I have nailed down mine at 2.1 and, just to make sure, set the update server address to localhost. No more updates to my box. It ist working just nicely.

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Hi Volker, any advise for a atv newbie how to to this?

Frank Simon, 2009-02-26

You only have to worry about it if you already have SSH access. If you do, just edit /etc/hosts.

Volker Weber, 2009-02-26

Thanks. I will google for the server addresses.

Frank Simon, 2009-03-04

Use the handy search field in the top right corner. It's all there.

Volker Weber, 2009-03-06

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