There is no way to evade the junk

by Volker Weber


It does not help if you only use Macs. It does not help if you stay away from downgrading your existing Windows machines to Vista. There will always be a friend who remembers you are "good with computers" and comes asking for help. Help with the piece of notebook junk they bought from Aldi and that came with "Vista Home Premium". And that is completely borked with dozens of error messages a minute. I am not kidding you.


Nerdy and I highly doubt it'd help, but anyway: There's a t-shirt for those occasions.

Henning Stoerk, 2009-02-26

I have stopped being "good with computers" if they don´t carry an Apple logo. I simply don´t know nothing about anything else anymore :-) And I moved my mom to an Apple plus helped her onto to solve the voice-over-telephone-helpdesk-problem (as remote desktop was stopped somewhere in our mutual security configurations from working).

Now life is fun.

Armin Roth, 2009-02-27

The "problem" is, once you start to get acquainted to apple, there is much less knowledge necessary on troubleshooting. I once was pretty decent with windows systems and have forgotten nearly all of this - because such problems just do not appear on a daily basis any longer.

Like Armin says - now (this part of life) is fun.

Thomas Nowak, 2009-03-05

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