QR code reader on the N82

by Volker Weber

QR Code on Lufthansa ad

QR Code

I start to see QR codes in a lot of places these days. This one is taken from Lufthansa advertising their paperless check-in. The Nokia N82, much like the other Nseries and Eseries phones, has a QR code reader, probably unknown to many of their owners.


The reader lets you read the code which in this case contains a URL:


When you open the link, it redirects you to this Lufthansa web page:


[All photos taken with the N82]


oh, cool !
want one

Rene Hellmann, 2009-02-28

I believe I read on TUAW there´s a reader for this available as an iPhone app. Pretty neat, avoiding to type crude stuff with unusable keyboards or as a replacement of clicking through a myriad of things taking off from the regular landing page, really!

Armin Roth, 2009-02-28

Yes, there are some QR code readers for the iPhone. But my experience is that its camera is far too bad to get an image that's clear enough to decode. Especially in short range "macro" usage you'd need to use QR codes form magazine ads. Might be working from poster-sized ads on the wall.

And frankly handling these apps took more time than typing a short URL into the browser would have needed.

Oliver Regelmann, 2009-03-01

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