by Volker Weber

Since our announcement last Tuesday about starting to charge users €3.00 per month for listening to the radio in countries other than the USA, UK and Germany, we’ve received a lot of feedback.

We’re listening and we’ve postponed the date on which radio will become a subscription service outside the USA, UK and Germany.

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2 more postings like this and Google will buy them. At least they know how to sell advertising. Visually / technically is one of the best sites I am aware of. It would be a pity if they fail.

Henning Heinz, 2009-03-31

'Feedback' is one word for it...

Nick Daisley, 2009-03-31

the titled scared me - " folds" ... in the USA, "to fold" means to close your doors and go about of business" which compares to "to cave" meaning to give in to pressure. If would be a shame if it folded. But, if htey don't resolve the financial issues, it may come to that.

Then again, if Google did aquire, it could bve the worlds best "music on hold" for Google Voice !

Glen Salmon, 2009-03-31

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