Locked in

by Volker Weber

This is an interesting plot to paint yourself into a corner. Sonos Controllers, ZonePlayers and ZoneBridges operate on the same software release. This has worked very well for Sonos up to version 2.7. Then they introduced an iPhone/iPod touch controller and made it available through the iTunes App Store.

Now Sonos can no longer update their device software unless Apple approves a new version of the controller software. If Sonos pushes out the update, it breaks all existing iPhone/iPod controllers which insist on running at the same level as the ZonePlayers.

So it happened today. Sonos announced an update to 2.8 which was to deliver Deezer service to 30 countries, but the controller never showed up in the App Store. Sonos was forced to not deliver.

Even if Apple approves the controller in a reasonable time frame, Sonos needs to rethink this dependency.


So they do poor planning and software development and it's apple's fault? The ZoneBridge and Zoneplayers should be able to operate with different versions of the controller. To require people to have to update all parts at the same time is a little dumb. The control goes out first and then the rest. That way it will always work.

Bruce Lill, 2009-04-15

Not so fast, Bruce.

The control goes out first and then the rest. That way it will always work.

Exactly. And Apple is not releasing the controller. So the rest has to wait.

Volker Weber, 2009-04-15

Hi Bruce/Volker,

Thanks for the feedback on today's process.

The update is now live on Sonos (2.8 software now availalbe) and the iPhone Controller is now available for update.

Thanks for the patience!!

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer, 2009-04-15

Did the update, but Deezer is not yet showing up.

Volker Weber, 2009-04-15

Hi, just did the update and it all works fine with Deezer available here in Belgium. Pitty there is no classical music on Deezer.

Ludwig Deruyck, 2009-04-15

Trying to update right now. My controller keeps telling me not to touch anything, but the progress bar has stopped moving a long time ago (might be more than 15 minutes). Controller doesn't respond to input, but keys click. Hopefully, it will recover.

Hanno Zulla, 2009-04-15

Ok, update worked after getting the second controller for help, but it took surprisingly long to finish.

Hanno Zulla, 2009-04-15

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