by Volker Weber



Well, at least they give you a time frame.

The website of the Hibernate project was not available for many days recently.

Daniel Haferkorn, 2009-05-07

clouds, clouds...

Armin Roth, 2009-05-07

That was nasty...

Frank Quednau, 2009-05-07

@ Frank: You mean nasty of me?
If so, then why? I merely stated a fact.
And again, this morning the Hibernate website is not reachable, I only get a 503 message.

Daniel Haferkorn, 2009-05-08

Hey guys, take it easy. Remind me how much you are paying for Facebook ? cut them a break.....

We get so much great value out of the Internet for free (ebay, facebook, google maps, twitter, babelfish, etc), let's look at the bright side. When I was in college in the early 90's the Internet was just, SMTP email, and ftp servers.

Just watch this: (for free, and yes it's coming from the cloud), and think twice about bitching about inconsequential stuff, just my 2 euro cents.

Joel Demay, 2009-05-08

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