by Volker Weber

The OpenNTF website gets a much needed breath of fresh air. Currently I can't get past an Error 500 (HTTP Web Server: Command Not Handled Exception), but the site URL suggests this is still work in progress:

By the time it's done it will probably have lost the "/Internal/home.nsf" part and gained a proper site icon.


Update: As pointed out in the comments you need to add a www to the front to make it work. And frankly, I am very surprised:


Can you find any of the projects that made OpenNTF so successful?


Doesn't sound like a problem to me, just sounds like the folks that run IBM Partnerworld have taken it over.

Joking aside, it's great to see this investment in OpenNTf from IBM.

Some of us have been asking for this for a long time, long overdue, but it's here now so we should be grateful.

Carl Tyler, 2009-05-12

put the www. in front and the site works.

carl tyler, 2009-05-12 works fine

Piyush Mishra, 2009-05-12

I think (some) work has to been done yet on the CSS

Patrick Kwinten, 2009-05-12

Just use Projects - the catalog is still beta

Jörg Reitenbach, 2009-05-12

www works - a late night update with a cluster issue for non www that will be resolved now some sleep has been had :)

Further announcements later today will clarify your concerns. Specifically with the catalog - thats the final place once projects have reached milestones and have a minimal level of quality and licencing etc - the process only starts today - hence why everything is still in projects.

Steve Castledine, 2009-05-12

OK, I see my error. Or how the site confused me.

I went to Catalog, and then to Projects in the left hand column. As you can see it says "You are in: Projects". "Catalog:Projects" is obviously not the same as "Projects".

Volker Weber, 2009-05-12

Yes probably a few things that need smoothing out - hopefully we will get lots of feedback to improve it.

Steve Castledine, 2009-05-12

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