What's new in Lotus land?

by Volker Weber

Three news items so far today:

  1. OpenNTF relaunches with a very nice redesign.
  2. IBM has a limited time 25% discount on Notes licenses. This is only for new seats and those who let their maintenance lapse in the past. If you are current on your licenses and maintenance, there is nothing in it for you.
  3. IBM is releasing a beta of Notes/Domino 8.5.1 with Exchange ActiveSync support in Traveler. As far as I understand this, this beta is only available to a select few parties, the "design partners". The beta is not available to the public.


At the moment the ActiveSync support is only for the iphone, iphone 3g and ipod - all other devices are "untested".
But that's a good start. Can't wait for seeing the iPhone work with Domino!

Thomas Lang, 2009-05-12

8.5.1 delivers much more stuff, not only ActiveSync support.
XPages on the client alone would be worth to brand the release as Notes 9.

Yes, this beta is for design partners only. There will be a public beta later this quarter.

Julian Buss, 2009-05-12

and the ActiveSync piece will be on Lotus Greenhouse within a week...essentially a public beta.

OpenNTF is far more than a site redesign: See here or here for details on the new OpenNTF alliance.

Ed Brill, 2009-05-12

@item 2, Now that's what I call a nice thank you for loyal customers, and a great incentive to let it lapse ;-)

Denis Wittebrood, 2009-05-12

@Denis: what do you mean?... what could be bad about XPages on the Client?

Julian Buss, 2009-05-12

@Denis - don't worry, even with the promotional discount, the cost for reinstating will still be significantly greater (read ~50%) than if you renew and stay on maintenance.

Stuart McIntyre, 2009-05-12

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