Three new phones in one day

by Volker Weber

Nokia E75, HTC Magic, Goggle G1

I have a little bit more on my plate than usual. There is the new Nokia E75 to test as well as two Android phones: the G1 and the HTC Magic. E75 configuration was very smooth, better than ever on a Symbian device, including Wifi and email. But the Androids are sucking up all my curiosity. Both have touch screen, the G1 has a keyboard, the Magic has not. The E75 has a keyboard but lacks the touchscreen.

Nokia E75 and Google G1

Will update tomorrow.


I'm looking forward to your update.
I'm especially interested in how those two Android devices compare, for instance, how big is the batty life advantage on the Magic, how well can the on screen keyboard be used, etc.

Daniel Haferkorn, 2009-05-14

There are days when I simply want to be in your shoes :-)

Ragnar Schierholz, 2009-05-14

have fun and tell us if fring works on nokia and the spy-google phone ;-)

Henrik Heigl, 2009-05-14

Daniel, these are the battery specs:

white HTC Magic: 3.7 VDC, 1340 mAh, 4.95 Wh
black G1: 3.7 VDC, 1150 mAh, 4.25 Wh

So it's a little bit better, but not really good. Or even good enough. A full charge lasts for a few hours but not the full day. Maybe once I get to a more normal usage pattern, but currently my netbook lasts longer than my smartphone. OTOH I was able to run down the battery of a BlackBerry Bold on four hour train rides. I tend to be heavy on them.

Volker Weber, 2009-05-14

Thank you for the information here and in the other post.

Daniel Haferkorn, 2009-05-15

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