Paul Potts sings in a shopping center in Oberhausen

by Volker Weber


Thanks for sharing. Simon Cowell is definitely doing his job to make Paul a household name and so he should - what a wonderful tenor, a moving performance in the most urban and urbane of places!

thanks for sharing


Mark Haller, 2009-05-18

Perfect marketing job. And the winner is ... T-Mobile again?

Axel Koerv, 2009-05-18

Funny enough, Paul Potts is technicaly average, but he touches way more people, then any tenor I know ... even me. I personaly think, that art went in the wrong direction.

Christian Tillmanns, 2009-05-18

loved it

andrew edmonds, 2009-05-29

Thanks so much for this,everytime i watch it all is well with the world.
I just love this man.

jayne poland, 2009-07-29

Paul Potts is technically very good, voice and range very powerful. From where he has come and not out of the conservatories, Paul Potts is one of best talents ever.

Carol L. B,Shaw, 2011-01-02

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