F355 Deux Chevaux

by Volker Weber


What a lovely sound that makes.

Jonathan Lewis, 2009-05-30

mit Boxermotor wär das noch genialer (und originaler) :)

Samuel Orsenne, 2009-05-30

Nice exercise but it makes you wonder about the registration and the papers.
Is this car road-worthy here in Europe?
I don't think so and if yes, as a Ferrari or a Citroen?

Makes you wonder :-)

Pieterjan Lansbergen, 2009-05-30

Why does this make me think of Harold & Maude?

Jon Walkup, 2009-05-31

bring it back into production just like the DS !

Patrick Kwinten, 2009-06-01

One word.


John Lindsay, 2009-06-01

Two words.
Why not????

Kerr Rainey, 2009-06-01

@Kerr: because this thing is probably less aerodynamic than a potato!!!

But it is so cool!!! If I had all the money in the world, I would build a nice "sleeper" like that, with some funny car you'd never expect to burn rubber!!!

But I would have kept my 355 original though!

Benoit Dubuc, 2009-06-01

Consider buying this one: Smart Diablo

Andreas Voigt, 2009-06-02

As a big 'ol Ferrari fan...this is pretty darn cool. Great use of what looked to be a wrecked F355.

At least I'd hope it was wrecked and they didn't take a fully functional F355 and rip the body off of it.

I saw one that was a piecing together of a 550 Maranello engine, some old Alfa parts & such to create a hot rod....way cool.

Kevin Mort, 2009-06-02

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