Why, oh why

by Volker Weber

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That's what you get with Firefox if attempting to access extranet.tomtom.com


TomTom - The smart choice in personal navigation.
Firefox - The personal choice in smart navigation.

Christoph Rummel, 2009-06-03


Frank Quednau, 2009-06-03

Reminds me of a little thing I say to myself when developing web applications: do not use browser specific features unless working on an Intranet with the company controlling the browser's deployment. NEVER!!!

Benoit Dubuc, 2009-06-03

Benoit, I still have to see the company that successfully "controls the browser's deployment". There are always users that use their personally preferred browser. Of course, they have a harder time to argue why the intranet apps should be multi-browser, but these days it's really not state-of-the-art anymore to make such a restriction in the first place!

Ragnar Schierholz, 2009-06-04

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