TomTom White Pearl

by Volker Weber


TomTom announces a special Lady's edition of the TomTom ONE. For 20€ more you get a sperm white case and screen mount, a silk bag, and a special set of POIs, including cafes and designer boutiques. Don't know about you, but I find this offering a bit offensive.


is floral the new pink?

Kai Nehm, 2009-06-03

Not sure you're the target market Volker.

Carl Tyler, 2009-06-03

It's about as offensive as a men's edition with sports bars IMO. I wonder slightly whether they really market the color as “sperm white”, though …

Stefan Tilkov, 2009-06-03

Noted in Ingo's book of life that "sperm white" is an official color now...

Ingo Seifert, 2009-06-03

yeah, that fits nicly to the Swarowsky netbooks, gayPhones and such Girly things. Why not?!

Henrik Heigl, 2009-06-03

I don't think it is offensive. A normal selection process for a mobile phone made by a women is: Is the mobile pink or not?
Technical details are not relevant.
So if pink is a buying argument why "sperm-white" can't??

Patrick Bohr, 2009-06-06

if it crashes just as often as my recent TomTom One XL and if they didn´t improve the duration of the battery, who cares for the colour?

Katharina Schaller, 2009-06-07

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