Small site changes

by Volker Weber

I made two changes to the site today:

  1. The main RSS feed now contains the full text of the last ten posts.
  2. This became necessary since I replaced the old picture with a current one as of today. :-)

Update: A small poll ended in a tie:



Where is the UNDO-Button ?
For point two only. :-)
Sorry, but i liked the b&w picture better !

Hansjürgen Depping, 2009-06-06

" ... Sorry, but i liked the b&w picture better ! ..."

me too

Rene Hellmann, 2009-06-06

My eyes! My eyes!

Chris Linfoot, 2009-06-06

1. Yay
2. Nay


Gerald Schmidhuber, 2009-06-06

You look FABULOUS! Vowe 3.0.

Bruce Elgort, 2009-06-06

I've seen that guy somewhere... :) Brothers in a separate life? :)

Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, 2009-06-06

Full feeds -> Yaaaay!

I also like the photo. Time moves on and so it's easier to recognize you when seeing you in the real world ;-)

Photographically speaking I like the subtle light transition from left to right. Not a fan of the reflection in the glasses and the stripes in the background though.

Mariano Kamp, 2009-06-06

Glasses reflect and I am not going to move the furniture. :-) It's a quick Photo Booth shot and I may update again.

Volker Weber, 2009-06-06

The old picture was more favorable to you. You looked cool, relaxed, centered and pleasant.
Now you look like Walt Mossberg. In a bathroom. *ugh*
Maybe I just need to get used to the upgraded look, but for now, I'd downgrade again...

Wolf Mc Ewen, 2009-06-06

OK, there you go. We have a new poll. Vote in the sidebar.

Volker Weber, 2009-06-06

Two good changes - full feeds are fantastic, and the new picture looks great. The old one was OK too, but the color one will make you more recognizable at conferences. Which may not be a good thing, depending on who recognizes you, I guess... :D

Rob McDonagh, 2009-06-06

Kidding, Volker. I like the new pic although the background could be improved. There's always Photoshop...

Chris Linfoot, 2009-06-06

Sorry, Volker, have to agree with Wolf. I would like to see an updated photo which reflects your current look & feel. This photo might reflect your current look, but not how vowe feels like :-) You are much more relaxed, Volker, than this picture shows us....

Alexander Kluge, 2009-06-06

Loving the full RSS feeds, thanks Volker!

Prefer your Facebook pic ;-)

Stuart McIntyre, 2009-06-06

Much better. Old background was a little too men's room, if you know what I mean.

Chris Linfoot, 2009-06-06

They don't have to reflect.

It all depends on the angle of the light relative to the camera. In your case it looks like the light is on camera axis, hence the reflection. Photobooth? Then it's likely the screen. I just opened Photobooth. Amazing, it has no preferences at all. Cmd+, yields nothing.

The new background is much better!

Mariano Kamp, 2009-06-06

Can we have a picture of someone else? Suggestions..

Angelina Jolie
Nicole Kidman
Kylie Minogue (don't laugh)

Or be web2.0 and have rotating cute ladies in there? God knows your hit count needs the help ;)

Paul Mooney, 2009-06-06

This was really the result of my tweet this morning, wasn't it... :-)

papascott: Jetzt nur noch @vowe ! RT @ankegroener: Ich hab jetzt im Blog einen Fullfeed. Bedankt euch beim Niggemeier. „Ich hasse gekürzte Feeds. ..."

Now we just need HTML tags in the feed so that images and videos show up in the feed reader as well... but not too much at once! One step at a time!

Scott Hanson, 2009-06-06

Scott, the full feed is as experimental as the photo. And no, there will not be HTML.

Volker Weber, 2009-06-06

Like the new picture.. nice look

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2009-06-06

I like the color, but prefer the relaxed volker. I read your site pretty much every morning, and prefer coming to the happy volker who knows and sees it all ;-)

The one now is much more intense.

Alex Boschmans, 2009-06-06

Nice glasses. And in the prior comments, exactly that kind of reflex is exhibited that can be observed often upon sudden, unexpected, unsought change: oh no! If you continue with this photo for a week and then ask again, reactions will be much more favorable.

Haiko Hebig, 2009-06-07

Volker, don't look so sad on the picture or I look where I could finde some of the 2004 ones...

Henrik Heigl, 2009-06-07

The new one is OK
Because at last you look older than me :-)

Thomas Griesbaum, 2009-06-07

New picture looks great!

Colin Williams, 2009-06-07

the photo does not represent your perceived personality - the old one was better in doing that. As time goes by it might be fair to update looks, but the glasses with reflections don´t do you justice. Have somebody take a good mug shot.

I do remember having read something here about a good camera present in your household and a capable person to take pics, haven´t I? Plus I´ve seen many great photos you took yourself.

*(good weather)* So get your lazy butt off the desk! *(/good weather)*

Armin Roth, 2009-06-07


if you are interested in a gratuitous portrait shoot, drop me a line. I live in the vicinity of Darmstadt... ;)


Markus Michalski, 2009-06-07

Volker, Volker, Volker!

The feeling in your new shot is *so* different to your old. There was a relaxed confidence in your old shot, whereas your new one make you look more intense with a little anxiety too...

Please consider changing it!

John Ash, 2009-06-07

Also mir ist da eine gewisse Ähnlichkeit aufgefallen ;-)

Finde das neue Foto aber gelungen, lass es ruhig drauf.

Thomas Cloer, 2009-06-07

I like the Photo, and knowing you and your photos , you have not posted that photo without thought. FULL FEEDS thank you !!

Eileen Fitzgerald, 2009-06-07

Ich hab bei dem Bild immer das Gefühl ein vertrauenswürdiger Versicherungsverkäufer beugt sich zu mir um mir mit ernster Mine was verkaufen zu wollen ;-)
Mir fehlt da die Coolness des anderen Bildes...

Ich bin immer versucht bei dem "kargen" Foto einen Edding zu nehmen und so kleine lustige Verzierungen drauf zu malen :-)

Henrik Heigl, 2009-06-08

Please try again with a different photo.

Stephan Bohr, 2009-06-08

small poll ended in a tie

Your poll software is broken -- old photo looked much cooler. ;-)

Jan-Piet Mens, 2009-06-09

poll was rigged!

John Ash, 2009-06-10

Gestatten Sie auch mir einen Kommentar zum neuen Bild, als Leser der gelegentlich mal vorbeischaut und Ihre posts und die verbundenen comments sehr schaetzt, Sie aber nicht persoenlich kennt.

Technisch: Die Seite ist im Layout herrlich aufgeraeumt und so gut wie makellos und wuerde daher eine technisch einwandfreie Aufnahme verdienen.

Inhaltlich: Das alte Bild implizierte etwas von laid-back und souveraen und liess dazu noch Raum fuer eigene Interpretation. Wenn man nun ueber einen laengeren Zeitraum die posts gelesen hat und ein subjektives Gefuehl fuer den Menschen dahinter bekommt, dann fuehlt man sich darin bestaetigt, ich wuerde sagen: sympathisch, entspannt, kritisch, souveraen, professionell und unabhaengig im besten Sinne.

Das neue Bild dagegen wirkt auf mich zu angespannt, und dazu noch schlecht umgesetzt. Aber immer noch viel besser als die unsaeglich froehlichen Portraits die man ueberall sonst zu sehen bekommt.

Kurz gesagt, das Bild passt nicht zu den posts, oder die posts passen nicht zum Bild...

Juergen Heinrich, 2009-06-15

No reflections, ... but where is the right glass of your glasses? ;-)

Mariano Kamp, 2009-06-18

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