Palm Pre first-boot welcome video

by Volker Weber


I want one! Hopefully they'll bring one for GSM/UMTS. And if they will, I've got an iPhone for sale ;-)

Thomas Lang, 2009-06-07

Leo Laporte had his Pre on yesterday and although the hardware looks really nice, the performance looked horrible. It took over 15 seconds to open the calendar. My iPhone in comparison takes 3 seconds.

I hope a software update improves things fairly rapidly as I want a decent competitor for Apple in the market place.

Matt White, 2009-06-07

Tilt-Shift scheint ja zur Zeit in zu sein als optischer Effekt. Sieht aber hübsch aus, und ein Pre würde mich auch interessieren.

Dirk Steins, 2009-06-07

@Matt Re- the lag

I wonder about the lag... The guy over at PreCentral's impartial(?) review said he saw that sluggishness until the Pre had finished sync'ing all his contacts/calendars/etc.

I guess we'll see.

Craig Wiseman, 2009-06-07

I also saw the Leo Laporte unboxing and he was syncing his google contacts at the time. Everytime he brought up the list of background processes running, Google was still syncing his contacts, email, etc. The video ended before the google sync finished.

The phone would be a complete flop if the phone was sluggish like that out of the box.

Ken Porter, 2009-06-07

I have used it briefly. It's not sluggish.

Having said that it all depends on your data. I have seen an Android phone that contained an address book with 10k+ contacts and that was very sluggish. Same happens to an iPhone with 4k contacts.

But with a reasonable number of contacts it seems to work well.

Volker Weber, 2009-06-07

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