New poll: Which Smartphone do you want?

by Volker Weber

Now that all the cards are on the table, which Smartphone do you want? One of the Android phones, a BlackBerry, an iPhone, the new Palm Pre, one of the Nokias on Symbian or a Windows phone?




This is a really tough call now, between the iPhone (3GS) and the Pre. I voted for the Pre, but I'm not sure how much of that is just "grass is greener" envy...

Rob McDonagh, 2009-06-09

@ Rob. Snap! I still have a Treo 650 which I love and has the Tom Tom navigation so I still use it from time to time. I also have a Palm Organiser (can't remember the number) that I use when I go to the Gym for my workouts - I also used to be able to Sync my Notes data with it. I'm glad that Palm seems to be making a bit of a comeback but I am awfully fond of my iPhone. Is the Pre too little too late?

John Lindsay, 2009-06-09

Which one do I have? A 3g iPhone. That aside, out of what I don't have, I'm most intrigued by an Android based phone. There is a good chance that the Pre will be a modern day Betamax video. There, I said it.

Jonathan Lewis, 2009-06-09

@John - I've got a 650 as well (and a 600 and and a 180 and various Pilot models), and I'd love to see Palm back in the game. My iPhone is very good, but there are some revolutionary features in the Pre. The good news is that even if the Pre fails, other vendors will adopt (steal) those ideas, so we'll all win sooner or later.

Now the question, for iPhone 3G owners, becomes how badly Apple and the phone companies (AT&T in the US) will butcher the upgrade market. I saw some ridiculous numbers the other day. I should be able to buy the phone at market price and use it on my existing contract, period. Somehow I doubt that will happen...

Rob McDonagh, 2009-06-09

I still have the iPhone gen 1, version. Contract has expired now, waiting until 3GS comes out to upgrade. It is hard to wait sense my battery lasts about 3/4 a day on very light usage.

Mark Hughes, 2009-06-09

Eligible for an AT&T upgrade, holding out for the Android (BB Pearl now).

Arthur Fontaine, 2009-06-09

I'm kinda thinking of the Pre as the iPhone minus the arrogance.

Craig Wiseman, 2009-06-11

I am soooo undecided...iPhone is nice for sure...Pre looks great, but Android would also be an excellent option if only the batteries would last longer on those android phones...

While i cannot decide, i stick to my Samsung SGH-i780 Windows Mobile phone...sad.


Stefan Pfeiffer, 2009-06-15

Check out the Samsung being launched today. It should have better battery life with (presumably) a 1500 mAh battery and its AMOLED display.

Volker Weber, 2009-06-15

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