Lotus Symphony 1.3 available

by Volker Weber


Half a dozen clicks later you can download the latest and greatest. No IBM ID required, just some bogus registration info. No, still not on OOo 3.x codebase.

The text wiggling is gone, but it's not perfect yet:

Release Notes >
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I do see the bolding issues on my install as well.

Bruce Elgort, 2009-06-11

... or, for some of us, there are unexplained 'errors installing the software' on OS X, just as with the previous version (a quick look at the crashdump logs suggests that they did not expect anyone to be fool enough to try to install it on a G4, but i can't find anything in the documentation to say this ...)

Incidentally, if I have forgotten my IBM identity password, I apparently have to phone up to get a new one (or bypass it entirely) - an interesting approach, but perhaps legitimate if you are making an effort to chat up your old customers.

Nick Daisley, 2009-06-11

Sorry Nick, Symphony does not run on a G4 (Supported Mac OS X®: 10.5 (Intel)). It does not fly on my Macbook Pro 4 GB so you probably don't want it on a G4 anyway.

Henning Heinz, 2009-06-11

to Henning - thanks for that info!
I thought this must be the case, but it would be nice if they told us, or if the installer figured it out for itself. Although IBM are not alone in being lax about that kind of thing.

Nick Daisley, 2009-06-11

1.3 is way too clunky to be of use in the office or home. There are much better free office suites out there.

First of all, it took several minutes to load. It took as long to load each of the applications. Plus, when I clicked on the Plug-ins and the Support Forum links, the program hung.

However, the colors are pleasing to the eye and the MS-like ribbon menu is easy to use.

Colin Moynes, 2009-06-20

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