Reality check

by Volker Weber

The Lotus Symphony 1.3 experience is so much better - i just built a presentation with no hangs, lockups, or screen freezes. Love it!

Symphony 1.2 must have been a great experience. I seem to be very spoiled to take these things for granted. Actually, I never had a hang, a lockup, or a screen freeze while building a presentation. But then again, I am not a Symphony user.


I've installed/tried/uninstalled Lotus Symphony 1.2 on MacOS X (10.5). After that, I've bought Microsoft Office for MacOS just to be able to read/modify doc from my PC colleges using Office 2007.

Will I give another try to Symphony 1.3? I don't know.

I presume you're using "Keynote" for your presentations. That's what use and its so nice and simple; like most of Apple products.

Pierre Lalonde, 2009-06-11

Yes, I use Keynote. Which makes it sometimes a bit awkward, if somebody asks for a PPT file. :-)

Volker Weber, 2009-06-11

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