Nokia announces the E72

by Volker Weber


I am pretty sure it is going to be even better than the wonderful E71. If they'd only get a new o/s. From the press release:

... we included the desktop like email experience from the Nokia E75 and gave it a new optical navigation key for more intuitive scrolling through menus, emails and fast panning of images. We also upgraded the camera to 5 megapixels and added a standard 3.5 mm audio jack.

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I am also very much looking forward to this one - it should be performing really well. The OS used here has some improvements over the one on the E71, especially to handle connections and APs in a better way - still it might be too clunky.
I personally use a small programm called Psiloc Connect to let it handle my connections on S60, it automatically chooses between WLAN or UMTS/Egde/GPRS, costs 10 € once. Usually the first piece of SW I buy for my mobiles :) Set it, never see it again, just works.


Hubert Stettner, 2009-06-15

"as well as onboard clients for Mail for Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler"

Alan Lepofsky, 2009-06-15

It looks like it does SIP which is good. Still haven't been able to establish is SIP is on the N97

Sean Cull, 2009-06-15

Looks good, but still can't quite see why anyone would choose one ahead of the Blackberry Bold or iPhone, Palm Pre etc. Enlighten me, Volker, what's the USP with these Nokia devices?

Stuart McIntyre, 2009-06-16

I better let somebody explain who bought one.

From my experience, Nokia makes the best phones, as in phones, you know making calls and such. :-) The E71 also has the best build quality I have ever seen in a mobile phone, it holds very well in your hand, again better than any other smartphone. Last but not least, it is a feature phone. Right out of the box, it does a lot more than any of its competitors.

That's for the good news. You know my gripes.

Volker Weber, 2009-06-16

As someone looking to purchase one factor is that it beats the RIM devices by eliminating the blackberry costs and using traveler.

Sean Cull, 2009-06-16

And one should add that BlackBerry service usually only covers for minimal data bandwidth. We are talking one, five, ten megabyte a month, whereas regular data plans start at 200.

Volker Weber, 2009-06-16

Stuart, especially the phones you mentioned are heavily tied to specific plans and usually locked to operators. This device you can buy for about 290€ without any contract (=additional cost) and pop in any SIM you like and do what you want. Tether it to a notebook, e.g.. Still an unknown land with some of the above, done since a decade in Nokias world.

But the perception of Nokia is very different for the US on one side and the Rest of the World on the other side. There is an interesting article about it, but be warned, it is really long (

Volker is really on point about the phone part. With the E71 it is even better, this phone can be ranked in the Top 5 ever made by Nokia. It has exceptional build quality and haptics paired with up to two weeks of battery life. Plus it is a S60 Smartphone with 1000s of applications available.

Due to its openness, it is very easy to shape it right to my needs. That is enough USP for me :)


Hubert Stettner, 2009-06-16

Hubert, does the Psiloc Connect switch from a 3G to a WiFi connection when the becomes available (w/o the prior failing)? I use SmartConnect on my E71 and I'm happy with the choosing of the best available connection on establishment, but once a connection is there, it never reevaluates whether there may be a better one (i.e. one that has higher priority in the current group). (I'm assuming something like groups / virtual access points is provided by Psiloc Connect...)

Ragnar Schierholz, 2009-06-16

Ragnar, Smart Connect is great. I am almost sure that Psiloc Connect unfortunately does not do what you want. Reestablishing after a connection failed is not a problem (e.g. your wireless lan when you leave the house), but that is not your point.

There are rumors that this feature might be available in a later Firmware of the upcoming Nokia N97 (BTW, mine is due to be in the house tomorrow and I am eagerly waiting for it ;) ).

Hubert Stettner, 2009-06-17

Thanks for the update, Hubert. I hope your phone arrived :-)

Ragnar Schierholz, 2009-06-18

You are welcome, Ragnar. The N97 did arrive and lives up to my expectations. Still it needs a little work done here and there, but traditionally nokia devices are really OK with first firmwares and get better and better at every iteration.

Hubert Stettner, 2009-06-19

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