Why I love Top Gear

by Volker Weber

Top Gear dwarves all other car shows. I advise you to spend 11 minutes and 16 seconds watching this proper road test to understand what it is all about. Favorite quote: "You don't want any more than that on marble." Next season starts Sunday.

[via John Gruber]


Yep. Helpful to have a decent budget as well....

Nick Daisley, 2009-06-16

TopGear rules. Unfortunately BBC stopped broadcasting on their news channels (BBC World) and my sat dish cannot receive the BBC streams here in Munich. Hoping on youtube though ...

Axel Koerv, 2009-06-16

Best car show ever. Skip directly to 04:11 to get the point!

Wolfgang Schwerber, 2009-06-16

I fondly remember the drag race between a Bugatti Veyron and an Euro Fighter Typhoon a couple of years back.

Utterly pointless, yet so awesome :-)


Marc Beckersjuergen, 2009-06-16

Stupid question, how do you translate "You don't want any more than that on marble." to german?
"Du willst nichts mehr als das auf Mamor?" ???

Marcel Tietze, 2009-06-16

Ja, so ungefähr. 120 PS auf Marmorfußboden. Mehr geht nicht.

Volker Weber, 2009-06-16

Insane !

Hansjürgen Depping, 2009-06-16

There is nothing better than TopGear, I know nothing on TV that comes close. Also there can only be one, and Top Gear Australia is just leaving a lot of things to be hoped for... in my view it (sorry) sucks badly.
Also it should not be that difficult to get Top Gear out of Germany. Torrents or Usenet or p2p all work. Some people have even perfected the bbc player (online streaming, you need a UK IP address for that) and send that stream home...
But I love this show, I truly do. I recommend for all that can do that to watch from Season 1 all the way to the current one.

Alexander Koch, 2009-06-16

I have to agree with Alexander on Top Gear and 'Top Gear Australia'. There are lots of missing elements in the Australian version that make it really really really bad. So bad that I can't stand to watch it. However, the original Top Gear is the only program in Oz that I make sure I sit down to watch.

Tony Palmer, 2009-06-17


Alexander Hauser, 2009-06-17

Most Top Gear seasons & episodes, complete and in nice quality can be found on finalgear.com via torrent links... as well as Fifth Gear, TG Australia, TG Russia ... rumours, background info.

I haven't yet found one episode of the early 90s old TG. THE clip which really started all the madness, the first test of the then new Vauxhall Vectra by Jeremy Clarkson. This review was so devastating that sales were affected, unions and management were outraged... I remember having watched it then by accident in the UK, JC kicking the tires and testing the door handles :-)

Moritz Schroeder, 2009-06-18

Unvergessen, das Reliant Robin space shuttle:


Roland Dressler, 2009-06-22

For anyone having watched S13 E01, and not even being half- through with it, this is one of the best episodes ever they have done. The train and all, whatever. But the rest and the Lotus and The Stig... wow.

Alexander Koch, 2009-06-22

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