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by Volker Weber

Hello Volker,

My name is xxxxx and I work for the UK Publisher, yyyyy, a unique publishing company with a focus on specialized IT books.

Hello xxxxx, from yyyyy.

I came across your weblog via Google search; I personally think that it acts as an excellent resource to Lotus Notes users.

Oh, thank you.

yyyyy is giving away "Upgrading to Lotus Notes and Domino 7" eBook written by several IBM experts.

You must have a lot of those eBooks sitting in the warehouse since 2005.



Paul Mooney, 2009-06-22

too late to save the trees.

Armin Roth, 2009-06-22

I got the same email... I think they're a bit behind the curve there on the ND7 upgrade. And joining their affiliate program? Not sure I'd get paid if they're banking on an ebook on ND7 drawing them into the site...

Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, 2009-06-22

I was offered the original (paper) book for review ages ago. I guess they have some inventory to clear?!? Those eBooks can take up a lot of shelf space after all :)

Ben Poole, 2009-06-22

This is the same group that refused to work with me and a few others on a Domino 8 Admin Guide and a Lotus Notes 8 User Guide. Two books I think would have been very profitable.

Who really needs and upgrade guide for Domino? It's so easy and bullet proof.

David Vasta, 2009-06-22

Might be useful to prop up a wobbly table...

Kevan Emmott, 2009-06-22

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