Running Notes in your company? Check out iFidelity!

by Volker Weber

Genii Software is pleased to announce the immediate availability a pair of products, iFidelity for Lotus Notes 3.0 and iFidelity Gateway 3.0. From the makers of the widely recognized and acclaimed CoexLinks, iFidelity is designed to revolutionize the seamless fidelity of email between in-house IBM Lotus Notes/Domino email and external email systems, whether they utilize Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook or web based email interfaces. To facilitate the rapid adoption of this exciting new technology, Genii Software is offering a free iFidelity 3.0 mail server license (enough to handle most small companies) to any IBM Business Partner who sells or works with IBM Lotus software.

iFidelity fixes all those issues you have with formatted emails. Ben showed it to me at Lotusphere, and I was truly amazed.

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Well, thank you, Volker. I appreciate your blogging about it!

Ben Langhinrichs, 2009-06-25

You are very welcome. But I did not do it for you. I did it for all the people who should really use your software. :-) IBM clearly loves you, giving you so much opportunity to shine.

Volker Weber, 2009-06-25

"iFidelity for Lotus Notes 3.0" ? I am using Lotus Notes 8.5 :-)

Felix Binsack, 2009-06-26

Thanks for publishing this, Volker, as you get the credit for first making us aware of the offer.

Daniel Lieber, 2009-06-26

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