Hold your Firefox 3.5 upgrade

by Volker Weber


That is if you use Google Gears. Current version is and it is not yet compatible with Firefox 3.5. If you are adventurous you may want to switch off compatibility check. Go to about:config, add the property "extensions.checkCompatibility" and set it to false


Tooo late ! Luckely it's not yet on all my pc's/macs (and really, I only use it currently for google reader)

Alex Boschmans, 2009-06-30

Google's at fault on this one. I've been testing out 3.5 for a long time now and it is worth the upgrade over 3.0.

Bilal Jaffery, 2009-06-30

Meh - Chrome gets all my apps anymore that use Gears.

Kevan Emmott, 2009-06-30

Don't upgrade to 3.5!!! Massive problems. Suggest you Google and see for yourself.

Fred Fered, 2009-07-06

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