"Walled In!" Germany's inner border

by Volker Weber

For 28 years, a nearly insurmountable barrier kept people from fleeing East Germany. But then, the dramatic night of November 9, 1989, saw the fall of the Wall that divided Germany. Today, it is difficult to imagine what was bitter reality just a few decades ago.

For the first time, a realistic computer animation reveals the vast security system of Germany's inner border and the Berlin Wall, both of which were recreated virtually in the greatest detail.

Same movie in German.


I remember the night the wall came down. Satellite TV and 24 hour news channels had just came to the UK, and we were glued to the set all night.

What we all expected was the border guards to open fire, and it turn into a bloodbath. Thankfully, it didnt.

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2009-07-01

Volker - Where were you when the wall came down and what were your memories of it?

Christopher Byrne, 2009-07-01

Awesome vid, thanks for sharing. I remember the day it came down quite clearly because I had a small obsession with the thrilling escape stories. I recall feeling excited, not just for the East Germans but also the world -- because it felt like something had changed and that only good for ALL could come of it. Sadly I was wrong. Much of the world has yet to "grow up".

Colin Williams, 2009-07-01

Christopher, we all know exactly where we were. In a way you could see it coming with all the refugees in embassies, but when it did happen, in such a quiet way, we were stunned. No gun was fired, it was universal joy.

20 years later, people have forgotten the important lessons, and some of us want their old (east) Germany back.

Volker Weber, 2009-07-01

This is really impressive. Even after all these years.
I did a school trip to Eastern Germany in 1989. My class was the last one that could pass the iron curtain as tourists.
I still remember the day when the wall came down. Came back from a party of a friend, switched the TV on because I wasn't tired and couldn't believe.... I was so tired the next day ;).

Ingo Seifert, 2009-07-02

Impressive video. How time flies ... 20 years!!. I remember that night. I was on CB and the news spread like a virus. 10 minutes later I was on the way from Bonn to Berlin

Ulrich Krause, 2009-07-02

I was serving at the West German Air Force at that time. No TV, no whatever. Missed it all somehow :-/

But directly afterwards our 'enemy' scenarios changed from 'Red Pact' to 'Orange Pact'. At least some effect ;-)

Frank Dröge, 2009-07-06

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