New Sonos CR200 Controller

by Volker Weber

Automated Home reports:

We've just seen this first image of the new Sonos controller. The CR200 uses a touch screen and comes complete with a charging cradle. There's no word on pricing but it should be available pretty much immediately.

We're also told that Sonos will be releasing a new bundle. The BU150 now changes to the BU250 which includes the CR200. There also is a slight colour change with the zoneplayers hardware to match the new controller but there are no technical changes & will still be named the ZP120 & ZP90.

Notice how they say nothing about pricing, features and availability. And I have nothing to add. ;-)


Looks like a modded Tungsten T to me ;-)

Stefan Rubner, 2009-07-02

To me the iPod Touch and iPhone are the ultimate Sonos controllers. Ever since they came out with the app (for that) I haven't even touched my Sonos controller.

Bruce Elgort, 2009-07-02

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