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by Volker Weber


Lotus Notes for Nokia N97? Nope. Traveler? Neither.


And comming from someone within IBM?!

Bart Severein, 2009-07-03

Is there an eta for traveler and the N97 ?
Is it in the managed 8.5.1 beta ? I presume it can only be introduced in a maintenance release ?

Thanks, Sean

Sean Cull, 2009-07-03

With Traveler 8.5.1 IBM introduces support for MS-Active Sync. AFAIK official support is for the iPhone only (remember: Nokia doesn't exist in the US), but "works with" and "officially supported" are two different things.
Native Traveler support is limited to Nokia E-Series with the E72 being the first device shipping with a pre-installed Traveler client (Traveler uses SyncML under the hood, which was pushed for a long time by Nokia).
There is this ongoing discussion about "not doing consumers" in IBM's offerings. IMHO the lines between business equipment and private use equipment (I hate the term consumer, I don't eat equipment for breakfast) have been blured a long time ago. Someone needs to come to terms with that. (Disclaimer: I work for IBM/Lotus and this is my very private opinion).

Stephan H. Wissel, 2009-07-04

Nokia Phones have a SyncML client already shipping on the device. It talks to many SyncML servers but not to Traveler, which may be using SyncML under the hood, but not in the same way as Funabol for instance.

Volker Weber, 2009-07-04

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