Nice try

by Volker Weber



They already said it: You will receive this from now on periodically, so make sure you look for it in your SPAM filter :-)

Armin Roth, 2009-07-03

Nice. An intelligence test.

Karsten Lehmann, 2009-07-03

Let's guess how many would actually respond to this ;-)

Albert Dandl, 2009-07-03

I am actually impressed... no spelling errors that I can see (except for the minor splitting of database). Grammar is another issue, but I guess they have to walk before they run.

Jim Boling, 2009-07-03

I can help you, Just send me your username and password and a couple of tan numbers.

Oswald Prucker, 2009-07-04

Ok. It's in the EXE file attachment in the mail that I sent you. Just a double click away ;-)

Karsten Lehmann, 2009-07-04

I received one for my telenet account (belgium) as well. Raw headers indicate somewhere from Canada.

Seems they are targeting quite a few email domains then.

Alex Boschmans, 2009-07-04

Yep, Alex. I do belong to the enlighted circle as well.

Oswald Prucker, 2009-07-05

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